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ok so i havent been feeling well.. All morning at work my throat was buggin me and then as the day progressed so did the pain in my throat, as i was driving home i noticed that my body started to feel warm and cold and it ached. i didnt let it freak me out too much.. My christmas party was scheduled for that night and everyone came and did gifts and ate food... but i was upstairs laying in my bed in pain.. i felt so lonely and left out but it was no ones fault but mine.. then as the night went on everyone started to come upstairs and lay on waynes bed and my bed thinkin it would make me feel better but most of the time i was passed out. and rachel was in the bathroom getting sick. so lisa and jeff were still hangin out playing ps2 downstairs while everyone else was upstairs and they were bored i think so they left.. then as the night went on and people sobered up and went home and the next thing i remember was waking up all through the night. and then yesterday while i was laying in bed i tried to sleep to forget the pain in my throat. i kept waking up and then i had a hard time breathing so someone called me at that moment and said shed take me to the ER and i got to wait in there for hours like usual and finally i found out i have strep! yey! NOT! i hate being sick .. i really hate it


yeah :( we will have to hang out as soon as its over
my moonlight

May 2008

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